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Celebrities teamed up with the ACLU for a video titled "My Name Is Mirian."
Let’s stave off the existential threat Donald Trump presents to our republic.
While it may not have been the intent of Equity to discriminate against minority, women-based and LGBT theaters, the impact
Saying that you have actually won more votes, more contests or more pledged delegates will not, in fact, make any of those things true. Even if you say it a lot, or in the form of angry tweets and Internet comments.
The normally reticent Robert DeNiro could not repress himself at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall for the annual Chaplin
As many Americans have learned this hard-fought election cycle, U.S. territories actually do participate in presidential primaries despite not having a vote in November.
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What's it like to put your art and reputation where your mouth is? Or to portray your Mom when she was your age, dealing with her bipolar Dad -- in a movie directed by...your Mom?
Widely respected for his advocacy work, Robbins is the Founding Artistic Director of The Actors' Gang, a theater group which has spearheaded a project that provides rehabilitative acting workshops for incarcerated men and women in California.
There is no doubt that Actors Equity has a vital role to play in American theater in the 21st century, much as it did throughout the 20th century. However, if it wants to preserve its vital role it must change its vision of the future.