tim sheehy

The Trump-endorsed MAGA conservative keeps flip-flopping on the climate — and SEC filings reveal how hypocritical he really is.
Tim Sheehy says all proceeds from his book help firefighters and their families. Some do — but some go to his own industry lobbying group.
Last Best Place PAC has already spent nearly $5.8 million running ads against GOP Senate hopeful Tim Sheehy.
Montana businessman Tim Sheehy has spent months warning that China is a top threat to national security, and painting his opponent as “weak on China.”
Senate candidate Tim Sheehy has repeatedly decried what he views as wasteful spending by the Biden administration — but it turns out his company benefited from it.
Tim Sheehy, who is seeking to unseat Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, said earlier this month that he wants to see federal lands "turned over" to states.
Tim Sheehy pitches his aerial firefighting company as a leader in the climate change fight. On the campaign trail, he’s attacking a so-called “climate cult.”