Tim Walz

The two faced off in their only televised debate and Jensen's answer quickly got the internet's attention.
The Democrat said he was disappointed to spend Christmas in quarantine, but added, “The biggest gift we can give is staying safe.”
Twenty other states currently prohibit the practice that psychologists say is harmful to young people.
Journalists have been harassed and assaulted by police at Minnesota protests over Daunte Wright's killing, an attorney said in a letter to the governor.
Extra doses have already been distributed just as the pool of people eligible for the coronavirus vaccine is burgeoning.
Just hours after learning his life sentence had been commuted, he walked out the front door of Stillwater prison.
Elected officials are spending the last of a spring federal COVID relief package as an end-of-year deadline approaches.
Gov. Tim Walz declared a peacetime emergency in Minneapolis, but did not say how many troops were being deployed.
The governor signed a police accountability bill into law after nearly two months of demonstrations against racism and police brutality.
The state will investigate whether the Minneapolis Police Department has engaged in systemic discrimination toward people of color, Gov. Tim Walz said.