Tim Weiner

Tim Weiner says Comey's actions have taken the bureau back into the extralegal days of J. Edgar Hoover.
Nixon had the Secret Service turn the Oval Office, its telephones, the Cabinet Room, and his "hideaway" in the Executive Office Building into recording studios. He bugged his own life, ensuring that anything you said to the president of the United States would be recorded, thousands and thousands of hours of it.
Richard Nixon saw himself as a great statesman, a giant for the ages, a general who could command the globe, a master of war, not merely the leader of the free world but "the world leader." Yet he was addicted to the gutter politics that ruined him.
The following is excerpted from the new book "Enemies: A History of the FBI" by National Book Award-winner Tim Weiner [Random
Weiner writes of Bush and Mueller: "The president pleaded ignorance of the law and the facts. He said he hadn't known there
So the CIA began improvising. They decided to sell the story that the coup itself had been staged by Mossadeq. The Shah (who
If you find a mess somewhere in the world, there's a good chance the CIA's fingerprints are on it. All over the world. For more than half a century.