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Randi Bergman, 31, found relics left in a closet by her 13-year-old self.
"I feel happy and relieved and excited,” Hatchfield told the Associated Press after the time capsule’s successful removal
The day Daddy actually becomes the tooth fairy will be the day he gives up smokes and whipped cream.   Babies do not come
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Among the items discovered were letters from the United States, as well as newspapers from 1914 and 1919. (Nygard held onto
The World Post
And in 2007, a concrete vault in Tulsa, Okla., which was locked half a century earlier revealed a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere
It's also been rumored that Apple will release new Mac Minis and Mac Pros, as well as black MacBook Airs, though the latter
Tucked inside the sleeve of the latest Foo Fighters record you'll find an inch long piece of tape that resembles a film negative
Apple says it will repair or replace Time Capsule models that either shut down unexpectedly or don't power on at all, according