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The black women's magazine is no longer under Time Inc.
The move from managed service to self-service is an emerging trend in ad-tech right now. Venture investment is turning away
But why? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Viant chief revenue officer Jeff Collins says Viant made the buy to move ad
Time Inc thinks it has done pretty well at converting its magazines to digital. Now it wants to tap their individual strengths
Folks, you know I'm a big supporter of women in tech and great nonprofit initiatives like the Women Startup Challenge. This
The company is also knee-deep in video content, having turned out about 43 thousand videos last year and anticipating producing
We know that, these days, Time Inc. no longer considers its magazines "magazines", but as brands - 90 of them - and has big
After a highly successful 33-year career that saw her ascend to the top of Time Inc., Moore went from the boardroom to the
At its NewFront presentation on Thursday, Time Inc. announced a slate of eleven new programs.   It also announced a syndication
"Time Inc. is very pleased to be staying in New York, and is looking forward to participating in the revitalization of lower