time-lapse photography

We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that theseDaily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
Tongariki Sunset Sliced Take a trip through stopped time below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. For another
We really wish Vincent van Gogh would have been able to witness the wonder that is time-lapse photography, a technique that
Hummingbirds, in particular, have been an exciting subject of Schwartzberg's work, as he tells Oprah on an episode of "Super
Whether you've had the opportunity to visit California's legendary Joshua Tree National Park before or not, you've never
Ancients from Nicholas Buer on Vimeo. Could this video be any more stunning? Amid peoples' busy schedules, the natural phenomenon
Whether it’s magic hour on the waterfront or light show time on the Bay Bridge, it’s hard to deny that San Francisco is one
And become filled with the energy of a blossoming flower. For more GPS Guides, click here. Witness the glory of a lightning
“I think it is easy to focus on the politics of California, and the traffic, and the taxes. It's so easy to forget just how
If you need more immediate, visceral evidence of climate change besides countless articles, studies, and your impressive command of the facts, you should direct wayward Thanksgiving guests to the new documentary Chasing Ice.
He says he opts for this unusual camera because he wants to hold a mirror to human nature, that expands our view of reality
From the moment that first early bus arrives in the morning to the time the sun sets over the empty football field, a high
Joshua Tree is so quiet you can hear the flapping of a bird's wings. The only trees, which are spikey, Dr. Seuss-like and
Another time-lapse look at the world was recently put together by artist Michael König using NASA images taken by the
When NBC sports came out of a commercial break during the Oct. 23, 2011 game between the Colts and Saints in New Orleans, many people claimed to have spotted a couple of UFOs on the video. Turns out, it was just airplanes.
It may be difficult to imagine how that technique leads to paintings like these, but thanks to this time-lapse video, which
Tom Lowe is a gifted videographer who makes gorgeous time-lapse videos. We showed you his previous one of the Milky Way. This