time lapse video

It was a front-row seat to the circle of life -- just not the part he was expecting.
From newborn to teenager in just under five minutes.
"No one is leaving this valley. The road is blocked at both ends by the fire, so stay put! It's gonna get really hot and windy. Do not shut your vehicle off!" said the fire chief.
The UAE, like the rest of the Gulf countries, was undergoing an incredible transformation during the 90s. Thousands of towers
Are you stressed? Bored? Exhausted? Misunderstood? The captivating process is the work of Joe Mangrum, an artist who was
"This is my send off to his profound impact as host," the video's creator, Billy Chasen, wrote in the YouTube description
Hungry for a super-cute dog video? Check out this time-lapse video of two puppies running for dinner. The video covers about
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This construction time-lapse video of One World Trade Center is almost guaranteed to stir the emotions. H/T Uproxx How high