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"Back to the Future" is one of his favorite films.
Bill Nye is the consummate scientist -- with a flair for humor. 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' was born after he won a Steve Martin look-a-like contest circa 1978, eventually showcasing his scientific knowledge on PBS from 1993 to 1998. In case you're not sure where else you've seen him, he also hosted 'The 100 Greatest Discoveries,' Science Channel; 'The Eyes of Nye,' PBS; and 'Stuff Happens,' Planet Green.
In a presentation at the British Science Festival, particle physicist Brian Cox said that time travel is possible but only
The concept of a time machine typically conjures up images of an implausible plot device used in a few too many science-fiction storylines. But according to Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, which explains how gravity operates in the universe, real-life time travel isn't just a vague fantasy.
There are several theories for how the laws of physics might work to prevent time travel through wormholes. Accomplishing
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The Telegraph cited an earlier story, in Farsi, by Iranian news agency Fars. However, The Washington Post reports that Fars
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Time-travel is one of the strangest ideas that mankind as ever come up with. Time-travel is the ability to go into the future or the past and interact with the objects and people there.