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A breakdown of why your body shuts down on vacation, and what to do about it.
Work-life balance isn't really possible under these circumstances.
After taking time to listen to the pros and cons, though, I came to a simple conclusion: even if it stops paying for itself
Here's a startling fact: According to The New York Times, only 9 percent of the American population voted for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as their candidate.
With nearly 10,000 boomers retiring each day, a profoundly different portrait of retirement leisure is beginning to emerge -- which many retirees tell us is the most liberating and enjoyable time of their lives. And, as I'll explain, money doesn't seem to be the primary key to enjoying leisure in retirement.
I often see busy professionals who are stuck on the never-ending treadmill of work and life and don't allow themselves to
Certainly everyone's lives are busy, and not everyone can spare the time and expense to take a big, exotic two-week vacation every year. But that isn't all there is; it's not so black and white, and taking time away from work to rejuvenate doesn't need to be all or nothing.
What do you do to get ready to take time off work? Here, according to our experts, are the eight things you must do before
The tech company's also giving everyone a week off for the July Fourth holiday.
But there are ways to ease back into the nine-to-five-drill without losing your hard-earned relaxation the second you enter the door.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) launched his presidential campaign in Burlington, Vermont, Tuesday, ticking off a list of well
It's not going to be easy to overcome the scourge of vacation deprivation. It requires employers as well as individual men and women like you and me to find the courage to come forward.