Time Out of Mind

A version of this post also appears on Gossip Central. At 21 Club this week, screenwriter/ director Oren Moverman spoke excitedly
So what's the latest buzz on Facebook? Adele versus music rival Miley Cyrus? Donald Trump proudly admitting he hasn't cried since he was a little boy and that he never ever apologizes for anything? Nope.
"When we are good ... we're happy. It's as simple as that."
The movie impresses upon the audience that a few bad choices is all that separates them from a life on the streets. The sex symbol became invisible once he held out a cup for money. He was only recognized twice in 21 days of filming.
Gere tells HuffPost Live his co-star Julia Roberts is "a good girl."
Richard Gere takes a look back at “Pretty Woman” 25 years after its release.
"A couple minutes into the shot, we realized no one was paying attention."
"When you have Richard Gere in a movie, you can never completely erase that. You fall in love with Richard Gere in a different way."
Seeing Richard Gere and Bill Murray -- as well as their new films -- back to back this week invites comparison: movie stars for the past 35 years, they continue to do superlative work in both Hollywood and independent films.
To imagine Bob Dylan is out of touch with the symbolic value of making a Christmas album--as hilarious a sign as it is--is just underestimating him.