TImes Up

The late sex offender's delusional comments to the former Trump adviser were captured in "The Monsters" documentary.
Black girls are adultified and oversexualized. This stigma helped the singer get away with serial sexual abuse.
Tchen, who headed the advocacy group, was allegedly involved in advising the former governor's team after he was accused of sexual harassment.
Roberta Kaplan reviewed a draft of an opinion piece that sought to attack the credibility of one of the governor's accusers, a state investigation determined.
The group criticized the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and NBC in open letters calling for systemic reform of the awards show.
The model had the powerful message written on her arm at the "Uncut Gems" premiere.
Former head Lisa Borders abruptly resigned in February after only four months in the role because her son was accused of sexual misconduct.
In a class-action lawsuit, the women say the now-closed school “duped” young actors into serving Franco's “financial and exploitative desires.”
Presidential primary debates featured few, if any, questions about sexual harassment or gender inequality for 20 years, according to a Time's Up analysis.
Claire Stapleton was among the organizers of last year's global walkout over the company's poor handling of sexual harassment allegations.
The pop star still didn't rally behind the Time's Up movement, saying she would never "cheer for someone's demise."
Current and former employees of the fast food chain say managers ignored their concerns about groping and lewd comments.
Eliza Dushku confronted the actor about harassing her on set. Her character was later written off the legal drama.
Lisa Borders initially cited "family concerns" when she announced her resignation from the Hollywood initiative combating sexual misconduct and gender inequality.
Lisa Borders expressed her “deep regret” at having to make the decision.
The "If Beale Street Could Talk" actress said she started hearing from people wanting to join her pledge "as soon as I walked off that stage."
Glenn Close turned her surprise win at the Golden Globes into an empowering moment for women.
Last year, the TV host was accused of sexual misconduct then cleared by an E! investigation.
Regina King used her Golden Globes acceptance speech to advocate for gender equity in the workplace.
The movement toppled some alleged abusers, but others did just fine.