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Chicago Police said a person threw an “incendiary device” toward the set in the city’s South Loop neighborhood.
Baby Yoda is back in Season 2, along with someone else ... .
The film is set to premiere sometime in 2019.
Oliver Stone's excellent new film "Snowden" is a primer on life in the digital age - the perils to privacy, professionalism and the personal. Through an extended series of flashbacks in the life of whistleblower Edward Snowden, Stone shows us the impacts of global surveillance on relationships from international to interpersonal.
With his new Hold On to Me Darling, at the Atlantic, Kenneth Lonergan has written one of the season's most head-scratching plays. That's if it's not the most head-scratching entry, as directed--but not necessarily thoroughly helped along--by Neil Pepe.
It had an amazing rotating crew of actors. Season 5 was off in a lot of ways, but let’s not talk about it because it was
Justified is a series that's been inexplicably off the radar of award shows and the eyeballs of a mass audience even as it grew tremendously in sophistication and quality since first airing on FX in March of 2010.
"It really broke Chuck Gordon's heart, because he had taken a chance on this 28-year-old and I went off to make 'The Animal
What do you remember about seeing the movie for the first time? The first cut of the movie, I remember watching it and feeling
As Raylan Givens on "Justified," Timothy Olyphant has managed to charm his way into the good graces of virtually every woman