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Oliver Stone's excellent new film "Snowden" is a primer on life in the digital age - the perils to privacy, professionalism and the personal. Through an extended series of flashbacks in the life of whistleblower Edward Snowden, Stone shows us the impacts of global surveillance on relationships from international to interpersonal.
With his new Hold On to Me Darling, at the Atlantic, Kenneth Lonergan has written one of the season's most head-scratching plays. That's if it's not the most head-scratching entry, as directed--but not necessarily thoroughly helped along--by Neil Pepe.
White hat, black hat: Two men quick on the draw faced each other on a lonely road. It was an iconic image, a tip of the hat
Justified is a series that's been inexplicably off the radar of award shows and the eyeballs of a mass audience even as it grew tremendously in sophistication and quality since first airing on FX in March of 2010.
With the support of New Regency and his producers, Greenfield was left relatively unbothered during the production process
One of the most enduring parts of "Go" is its final line, uttered by Nathan Bexton's Manny, who had just nearly overdosed
As Raylan Givens on "Justified," Timothy Olyphant has managed to charm his way into the good graces of virtually every woman
"Justified" will come to an end after the show's sixth season. This is a dark day for "Justified" fans but hopefully the
Olyphant is the latest in a string of high-profile guest stars lined up for the Fox comedy's sophomore season; also on tap
Serving as both an executive producer and actor on the FX drama, Olyphant rarely has a dull career moment. Known for his
As for his initial plans for Season 5, Yost didn't reveal too much, simply telling TVLine, "The only things we’ve come upon
The question this show often asks is not "Can you resist your darkest impulses?" but "Can you help preserve innocence and kindness wherever they are found?"
Raylan always has the benefit of having very strong women in his orbit, as does the show in general ... First of all, all
In HuffPost TV's exclusive preview above, Raylan and Drew have a slight disagreement on how to handle the sticky predicament
Raylan, Rachel and Drew Thompson find themselves outmanned and outgunned by the Detroit Mob in the March 19 episode of FX's "Justified," titled "Decoy," but Raylan has a plan.
From Harlan County criminals like Ava to Lexington marshals like Rachel (Erica Tazel), the women on Justified are just as messy, complicated, and ultimately tough as the gun-slinging male leads. And we wouldn't want them any other way.
When he plays Boyd Crowder on FX's wildly entertaining Justified, Walton Goggins is the charming face of evil, the yin to the yang of Timothy Olyphant's Raylan Givens.
The lovely thing about "Justified" is that it delivers all the shaggy charm of a diverting character piece even as a supple, strongly structured story gives the whole affair an unmistakable energy and direction.
Raylan, as usual, has more than his work cut out for him, but lucky for fans of Justified, he is always up for a challenge!