In filming this clip, I'm quite exhilarated because I had just sat on the edge of a cliff, looked into the camera, and opened
What do you do with CDC research on teen smoking that says that more than a quarter-million youth who have never smoked used e-cigarettes in 2013? For some, the answer seems to be that it proves the value of e-cigarettes.
It appears as if ‘tiny homes’ could be the solution to a very big problem.
A mix of factors, ranging from the ethnic to the territorial and political, can be pointed to as the root cause of the Congo War. John Prendergast also points to another: greed abetted by Congo's rich supply of four lucrative metals -- gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum, all used in modern electronics.
My office has been working hard on this effort. Yesterday, I spoke at the Center for Strategic and International Studies
Commanding four of the top five rankings in Newsweek, the electronics industry appears to be leading the way in environmental sustainability.