Tina Brown

The 2016 Democratic nominee called out the Trump White House's "most outrageous" policy on Tina Brown's "TBD" podcast.
The New York Times reports how Harvey Weinstein’s network of enablers, from journalists to his own employees, helped hide his decades of sexual harassment and assault.
The women said they'd cautioned her aides in 2008 and 2016.
Here are my top examples of the exceptional women in this world playing the "women card" and inspiring the rest of us.
Here are the Top 10 lessons I've learned from our daring pack in The Girls' Lounge that I shared at the Women in the World Summit:
La Grenouille experienced a British invasion yesterday for a lunch celebrating the film Far From the Madding Crowd, based on Thomas Hardy's beloved 19th century novel.
After my initial elation at the rise of conferences for women, I decided to dig deeper and check if anything substantive is being accomplished at these events. Or are women's conferences simply an excuse for a feel good work day away from the office?