The 65-year-old suffered from debilitating symptoms related to COVID-19, including severe tinnitus, before taking his own life, his company said.
You could be experiencing tinnitus. Here's when you should be concerned.
Medical Discovery News is hosted by professors Norbert Herzog at Quinnipiac University, and David Niesel of the University
That same year I took a class in mindfulness-based stress reduction. I learned how to focus on my breath and slow my heart
Acts of speech hold power. When I was approximately 23, a simple utterance reminded me of this. The ire coldness of the air
A large majority of people with chronic tinnitus also suffer from hearing loss.
Do you know someone who is new to hearing loss? Maybe they haven't yet accepted that they have a hearing loss, or maybe they are just starting to acknowledge it, but don't know what to do first, or second. I know some people like that, myself included, at one point.
Can you actually do that?! Sure you can! It's not suppression. It is the simple absence of attention and interest. It has
Will my tinnitus take another turn for the worse? I hope not. These are worries that I have, but I cannot spend time on them. I can only focus on living each day the best that I can.