Tiny Living

Blame it on skyrocketing real-estate prices and shrinking city lots, but skinny, mini, and smartly designed have suddenly become serious selling points.
9. Create hot and cold Zones. A hot zone is an easy to reach location, where you store items you use more often like coffee
5. Let there be light. Credit: Orchard Girls It's no secret that gardening reduces your stress. It's also no secret that
HuffPost Home: Did you make any lifestyle changes beforehand? If so, what did that entail? Kathleen: For me, I had to downsize
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"While living in a such a small house, my space, and in turn each area of my life, will be simpler, less chaotic, and free
Extreme small space living tends to be a sacrifice, filled with trade-offs. A tiny house may not have a formal bedroom, but
More tiny homes, please! Plus, it pretty much looks like it's floating in air -- how cool is that? Watch the video above
Many tiny homes we see are usually one level with a few areas of hidden storage space. But Steve Sauer's micro-apartment
There's definitely been a surge of interest in living small over the last decade, but the concepts behind the lifestyle have
There are two cats in there, so it could go either way.
We're getting ready to pack our bags and head out West.
We wonder if it belongs to a famous celeb or a socialite.
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There's just too much awesomeness in this little space.
You'll never feel more grateful for the elbow space you have.
When you see the "before," you'll be amazed by the homeowners' vision.
One college student is "roughing it" in a tiny home, but we almost think it's better than our undergraduate digs.