tippi hedren

"I said, 'No. We're not doing that. We're not doing that screen test.'"
It was an infamous movie called Roar, however, that was most personal to the actress. Hedren and her then-husband Noel Marshall
The actress attended the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards with Dakota Johnson, Stella Banderas and Tippi Hedren.
What makes something a classic? It's a question worth asking as Hollywood devotes ever more of its resources to remaking movies, TV shows, and comic books from the past as the majority of our movie content today.
"Jayne Mansfield's Car" is the first feature film Billy Bob Thornton has written and directed in 12 years, and its new trailer
To show just how greatly a mother's influence can shape her child, here's a list of ten famous people throughout history who matched the great successes their mothers had already achieved.
With no new genre release in the theaters, the Spotlight gang takes a 50th anniversary look at Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 classic of nature in revolt (and psycho-sexual tension), The Birds.
Why, for example, would Hitchcock offer Tippi the coveted part of Marnie on June 7, 1962, during filming of the sand dune scene, only to deliberately attempt to physically harm her (as depicted in the drama) by smashing the glass telephone booth, which was filmed on June 12 -- only a few days later?
"Raising Hope" is getting two new comedy vets. Emily Rutherfurd ("The New Adventures of Old Christine") and Brian Doyle- Murray
This year, timeless Alfred Hitchcock-favorite Tippi Hedren will be welcomed in Denver and receive the Mayor's Award for Career
"What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?" sang Dusty Springfield and the Pet Shop Boys. Somewhere, Alfred Hitchcock is probably wondering the same thing, in the wake of The Girl, starring Sienna Miller and Toby Jones.
Aided and abetted by his wife, Hitchcock could lure actresses into his movies. Who wouldn't want to work with such a genius? And, in Psycho, Rear Window, Vertigo, it is clear, he preferred blondes.
"You’re a spoiled brat, with no respect for marriage or money and, because of that ... you get nothing," she said. And then