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Unless you're a real Grinch/Jim Carrey wearing a creepy-ass costume/one of the people likely in our comments section, 'tis the season to give a big fat tip to all the people who help you out.
The argument against tipping is often, "Hey, you don't need to tip. He's just doing his job!" But since you're reading this, you're probably not a jerk.
There is nothing more vexing than trying to figure out who to tip, how much and when -- especially when you're in a foreign country. You'll come face to face with employees at airports, train stations, hotels, restaurants and cafés. Do you have to tip everyone?
We all know Americans like to tip (and that's a good thing) and it seems as though we're always trying to remember how much
Tis the season for eggnog, good tidings, and exchanging gifts with family and friends. It also includes expressing gratitude to those that provide a much-needed service throughout the year. From your children's teacher to your mail carrier, the list can easily get out of hand.
French Polynesia: Tipping is not a custom here so don't feel obligated but it's not uncommon to leave a tip for good service
See all Etiquette by Country | FindTheBest Americans are known as the best tippers , so let's not ruin a good thing, shall
The answers may surprise you. If you want to be educated, read way more than 20 percent of this.
You've enjoyed a lovely meal: The ambiance is perfect from beside the Vltava River, the River Thames or the Bosporus Strait, the food seemed to transport you further into the exciting city, and you feel a delicious sense of wonder about the world. Then the bill comes...
Not knowing "who" and "how much" to tip can end up costing you more in uncertainty, embarrassment and cash. Here are commonly asked questions and also a General Tipping Guide when traveling in the United States.
Concierge: "If you're using the concierge in an ongoing manner, i.e. lots of requests over a longer period of time, I suggest
Things can get even more confusing when you're travelling -- even if you're a leader of a powerful nation, as it turns out