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Those minor irritations can add up quickly...
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Dealing with invoicing is no one's favorite job, especially when you're dealing with a lot of different clients. Regardless, getting paid is arguably the most important aspect of business, especially for small business owners. It is important to devise a strategy for managing your invoices.
Being a bridesmaid can be serious work. Lucky for you we've taken the guesswork out of navigating this important role so that you can support your bride-to-be right up to her "I dos" without breaking a sweat.
Envision Festival in Costa Rica is not your average festival and will therefore not have your average preparations. Whether this is your first Envision or your first music festival, it is important to be prepared for the equatorial environment of Costa Rica.
14. Remember Every. Single. Detail. about your coat and bags, so if you lose your ticket, you can expertly point out your
Ask for 1/2 Protein A and 1/2 Protein B. You only get charged for one portion of the more expensive protein. However, many places give you 3/4-1 scoop of A and B (essentially giving you double protein).