tissue donation

I was first introduced to the concept of organ donation during the first year of medical school. Our anatomy professor ardently
Now that blood donation by gay and bisexual men will be permissible after 12 months of abstinence, the five-year deferral
Still clutching my wad of soggy Kleenex, I sit in the overflow ward of the emergency room while Patrick's body is prepared for the coroner. I stare silently at the row of vacant beds until the social worker returns. "Have you given any thought to the possibility of organ or tissue donation?" he inquires.
Our float's central image, two intertwined hearts, will stand above us: a beacon of what is good and hopeful about humanity. We begin again, as we must, standing strong against pain, loss and resignation.
Truitt has nothing against for-profit companies being involved in the industry. He just wants families to be fully informed
Economist Angelo Ghirardini with the Italian Transplantation Center developed a national system to trace organs more than
Roman Hitchev, the founder of a major Bulgarian tissue bank and now president-elect of the European Association of Tissue
RTI had English translations, but not original autopsy reports, from its Ukrainian donors, FDA inspectors found during a
Think you're "too old" to sign up to be an organ donor? Think again. That's the message of a new campaign by the Health Resources