title ix

The Education Department proposed changes to the law that would protect LGBTQ people, but the changes were temporarily blocked by a federal judge.
Laverne Cox called out lawmakers who are treating transgender people’s lives as a “political football.”
"All students — including LGBTQ+ students — deserve the opportunity to learn and thrive in schools that are free from discrimination," the education secretary said.
The "Full Frontal" host called out the real March Madness at the college tournament.
The organization made the changes after players and fans expressed outrage at the inequities between the women’s and men’s basketball tournaments.
It was an "open secret" at Columbia University that Suzanne Goldberg dismissed victims and protected the administration, student sexual assault survivors say.
Some college sexual assault victims welcomed remote learning due to COVID-19 because it was the only form of protection they could get.
President Joe Biden is signing an executive order directing the Department of Education to review the Trump administration’s controversial Title IX policy guidelines for handling sexual assault on K-12 and college campuses.
The president will also sign an executive order establishing a Gender Policy Council within the executive office.
Joe Biden’s pick for education secretary will have lots to do in order to roll back the Trump administration’s policy on how colleges handle sexual assault allegations.