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Women's "fears have already become reality," they wrote.
President Trump signed a bill into law allowing states to withhold funding to Planned Parenthood, but it could stop women from getting life-saving preventative care.
He overturned Barack Obama's rule protecting the family planning provider.
Making contraceptives more affordable is not going to destroy America.
Dear Mrs. Trump, Walking through the School of Social Work on Wednesday morning, I overheard you on TV. You said many lovely
Since November 8th, Americans have been doing what they do best. The election merely offers new fodder for the same armchair
His new rule would block states from defunding the family planning provider for political reasons.
This war, like every war ever conducted, is inflicting casualties, but because it is an undeclared and unpopular war, the aggressors do not claim responsibility for the casualties they inflict.
Insurance coverage for contraception should not be determined by where a woman works or goes to school. It's shortsighted and wrong for some employers to use their religious beliefs to deny women the vital care they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones.
Last Thursday, the Wisconsin State senate proposed two bills that will work to decrease resources for people of low-income to receive family planning services through Planned Parenthood. In Wisconsin, this means the elimination of about $3 million worth of family planning services to Planned Parenthood clients.