Working in tandem with consumer insights firm RealityMine, TiVo Research will help inform NBCUniversal about viewership of
It's not just the hip, early adopters who are selecting to time shift network content. Or, as Wurtzel puts it, "People who
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"I think in the last year what we have seen is advertisers are finally embracing this concept of programmatic and audience
Even with some options available, it's clear that TiVo's pending sale and demise will take a big player out of the market
So TiVo is a consumer electronics company that generates most of its revenue from its IP portfolio. And now - with video
Finally, how much did TV contribute the rise of the Republican frontrunner who cannot be named? With spring in the air, the
A new "QuickMode" feature will let you watch TV faster, freeing you up for ... whatever else you want to do. (We recommend sleep.)
Fortunately, I watch a lot of recorded sporting events so know how to avoid live results, and I work at home, so I don't
  Later an NBC executive for several years, he founded CNBC and the MSNBC joint venture, as well as helping to form National
Unlike famous and successful independent inventors such as Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, most the folks who invented the gadgets and technologies that enable our 21st-century lives perform in relative obscurity.
I miss my Underwood typewriter. The only time I worried about it crashing was when it sat too close to the edge of my desk.
According to a survey conducted by TiVo, 91 percent of viewers said they've binge-watched TV shows, meaning they watched
Buying advice: Simple: Plantronics. Period. Buying Advice: Buy a 3D plasma -- they're the best 2D sets available (4K UHD
It's become increasingly popular to live-tweet TV shows, or even update our Facebook feed with what we're watching at any
So, you're saying that most parents of new college students are spending all their time screening full seasons of missed TV shows at a time when they're supposed to be rekindling romance and traveling the world?
What happens when cable, telco and satellite companies realize there's an abundance of new, independent programming out there, free of the ruthless bundling and never-ending fee escalation that define their network relationships?