tj holmes

The Bush frontman also named the one issue in particular he feels bad about.
"That fight we had spawned at least one and maybe two others," Holmes said about the couple's recorded disagreement.
The former “GMA3” host wants to clear up some misconceptions following intense scrutiny over her relationship with T.J. Holmes.
The former "Good Morning America" anchors apparently share an affinity for shower sex and cuffs.
In a recent episode of the couple's podcast, "Amy and T.J.," Robach spoke of how she fell for her former co-host on ABC's "GMA3."
During an episode of their new podcast, “Amy and T.J.,” the former “GMA3” co-hosts discussed some of the conflicts they face in their relationship.
The Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes scandal just got a Shania Twain remix.
“They’re probably going to fire her after this airs,” Holmes told Robach on a new podcast from the former "Good Morning America" co-hosts.
The former “GMA3” co-hosts have made their first public statement after being embroiled in a media frenzy when their romance was made public last year.