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She said she recently confronted her father about what happened. He said he didn't remember and that he would pray to God
According to the TLC series, "Outrageous 911," the man called the police because flies invaded his home. When Norm Clausen
A man shows up to the emergency room with a vibrator in a body orifice in this clip from the TLC series "Sex Sent Me To The E.R."
"We knew from really the get-go that Gabby had something wrong with her," Williams said. "Right after she was born, she obviously
Thought "Say Yes to the Dress," "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding," "Four Weddings," "Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids," and "Randy
TLC -- home of My Crazy Obsession and 19 Kids and Counting -- has a new reality show in the works, and this one is really
Watch out, "Hollywood Exes" -- there's a new batch of former celebrity spouses getting their own show. TLC has started production
Abby Hensel, whose personality is distinct from Brittany's, despite sharing the same body, tells People magazine they're