to catch a predator

The show from the former "To Catch A Predator" host is in its second season.
Chris Hansen, the NBC News correspondent known as the host of the "To Catch A Predator" series, is leaving the network. TV
Father's sting nets man allegedly trying to have sex with teen
WJBK-TV reports that Antoine Martin began corresponding with the 22-year-old suspect, reportedly a former Boys and Girls
I noticed him leaning up against the door jamb as I entered the kitchen. He was tall, wore a white t-shirt and Levis and had his left ear pierced. He told me it was his 29th birthday. After a guessing game of how old I was, I revealed that I was 13.
Cops ended Pedersen's perverted exchanges -- which even his own lawyer classified as "horrific" and "unspeakable" -- after
A week after it emerged that he was allegedly cheating on his wife with a TV reporter, it has now emerged that To Catch a
It turns out, moral failure is part of Hansen's character too. And it seems that those who like to make a living out of displaying the failure of others might be tempting the gods.
UPDATE BELOW UPDATE: The Enquirer has now posted video of Hansen with Caddell, which you can see here. Looks like the sting
Online dating is not easy. Which is why comedians Cheri Oteri and Jill Kushner decided to showcase the lengths people might go to for a date in their hilarious new short A Great Catch.
I thought we were past the days of "predator panic." Around 2004, when To Catch A Predator was on TV just about weekly, there were lots of news stories about the dangers kids face on the Internet.
How do you lure such big names to an NBC News lair for their ambush interview? You simply invite them.
NBC News' "Dateline" is back in the kiddie perv business this week with a new episode of its disturbing cyber-sex sting series
"They fought back hard," said Brian Ross. It was Friday afternoon, and Mr. Ross, the chief investigative correspondent for
NBC's besieged child-perv show "To Catch a Predator" is fighting back against charges it is responsible for the suicide of
It seems it's always been acceptable that men can be "dirty old men" and girls are to be "the apple of their gross, sweaty, menacing, nasty, repulsive, eager, pathetic eye."