to kill a mocking bird

The four-time Tony nominee reflects on the triumphs and limitations of Harper Lee's classic text.
All book lovers wait in trepidation when their favorite novel has been adapted for the big screen. I hate to say this, but it's almost better to see the film first; that way you're not disappointed when the character you had visualized is portrayed by someone who's the exact opposite of the author's description.
March 14 (Reuters) - The literary agent for Harper Lee said he was surprised someone had told Alabama authorities that the
Chicago Tribune's Marja Mills joins us to discuss her book, "The Mockingbird Next Door," about her neighbor and longtime friend Harper Lee.
Even Moses had trouble when he began writing The Book of Genesis. That is, according to Paul Laudiero's hilarious tumblr
Could it be possible that our lust for the bad boys begins the night we aim our reading flashlights on Rhett Butler and his ilk? How about the other side? How many of them do we worship?
"How do you celebrate the 50th anniversary of a book?" Shaffer asked. "You can try to understand how it affects people." Last What: Photography When: Through May 6 Where: ZONE: Contemporary Art 41 West 57th St New York, NY Wanted: Writer