to pimp a butterfly

MM: In regards to there's no right or wrong. Why do you feel the timing of your first solo album taking place 10 years later
I sat on the beat for "The Blacker The Berry" and then the Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown situations happened and I knew that
I've compiled a list of the albums I've enjoyed most this year. I wish you many wonderful record store bargain bin finds in the New Year.
My column isn't about whether or not it's okay to like Kendrick Lamar's TPAB album. Like it or don't. Nobody cares that much. This is more about the sh*tty state of journalism that we are currently living in. It's a state of journalism that is dictated by instant gratification and social media
During an interview with NBC News, the Compton native shared his thoughts on how his album impacted Mooney’s freshman class
I am not a fan of violence, but I am a fan of the people being heard. Now that it has hit the fan, I pray that we open our ears to hear the cries of a people far too long trampled upon, a people who can take no more.
It's a tale of managing depression and the overbearing responsibility that's attached to success and prosperity. A kind that is sometimes self-imposed. A kind I can relate to.
John Coltrane is worth much more than the sum of his parts. His work permeated the collective conscience of those concerned with disrupting the norm, with challenging their own mastery of their crafts.
There are many historical firsts in Billboard chart history, and Kendrick Lamar just notched a pretty unique landmark: "To
Current standards set by the masses suggests that black men and women cannot artistically express anger, be imperfect, invoke rebellion, find humor in their woes, be unapologetically sexual, explore taboos, and re-appropriate the tumultuous barriers placed on us.
Kendrick Lamar knew To Pimp a Butterfly would make a huge impact when it landed. Before the album dropped, Lamar was already
After listening to TPAB, I feel stirred into good works. I feel compelled to apologize for all of the unedited sermons, uninspired exhortations, and unthoughtful utterances I've shared in over fifteen years of ministry with words.
To Pimp a Butterfly paints with colors that resemble, if I may use the C word, classic hip-hop -- the album feels more like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and 2Pac, all of whom made records that duck and weave in their bounce.
Channeling the revolutionary essence of the Harlem Renaisance, Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly is a gripping, soul-driven melodrama that masterfully depicts the story of a courageous young man fighting through the painful process of liberating himself.
Hear Kendrick Lamar's Funky New Album Track 'King Kunta' 7. "Alright" This track opens with lines from "The Color Purple
Black life, Lamar argues, is haunted by the potential for disruption. Always lurking is the notion that a life building momentum may be suddenly and randomly derailed, cut short. His latest album is a distillation of this and a rebellion against it.
Listen to the whole thing via Spotify: I WOULD LIKE 2 PERSONALLY THANK @Interscope FOR FUCKING UP OUR RELEASE... SOMEBODY
In Kendrick Lamar's still-young reign as one of hip-hop's leading voices, he's tackled institutionalized racism, black self