to pimp a butterfly

MM: Haha, right! MM: Thats amazing, really amazing. So now that you have a lighter approach as to how you conduct your creativity
The trip led Lamar to scrap "two or three albums worth of material," according to engineer/mixer Derek "MixedByAli" Ali. Lamar
I've compiled a list of the albums I've enjoyed most this year. I wish you many wonderful record store bargain bin finds in the New Year.
My column isn't about whether or not it's okay to like Kendrick Lamar's TPAB album. Like it or don't. Nobody cares that much. This is more about the sh*tty state of journalism that we are currently living in. It's a state of journalism that is dictated by instant gratification and social media
During the recent school year, English teacher Brian Mooney’s applied the messages behind the lyrics into his daily curriculum
I am not a fan of violence, but I am a fan of the people being heard. Now that it has hit the fan, I pray that we open our ears to hear the cries of a people far too long trampled upon, a people who can take no more.
It's a tale of managing depression and the overbearing responsibility that's attached to success and prosperity. A kind that is sometimes self-imposed. A kind I can relate to.
John Coltrane is worth much more than the sum of his parts. His work permeated the collective conscience of those concerned with disrupting the norm, with challenging their own mastery of their crafts.
There are many historical firsts in Billboard chart history, and Kendrick Lamar just notched a pretty unique landmark: "To