Tobacco industry

President Trump says he plans to raise the age restriction on e-cigarettes to “21 or so.”
The presidential candidate's plan prevents the tobacco industry from taking over a legalized sales industry and invests sales tax revenue in minority communities.
"Do you have a problem representing an industry that's addicting kids to nicotine?" Smith asked during the testy exchange.
The agency is again advocating for the labels to be mandated by law after a federal judge blocked them in 2011.
The tobacco industry put in $17.2 million to oppose a Medicaid ballot measure in Montana. Proponents raised $9.7 million.
Tobacco regulation is just one example of how the TPP will have damaging effects on the world we live in. We need to expose the deadly flaws in these behind-closed-doors negotiations now, before it's too late.
The AMA ought to apologize for the harm it caused the public health for its collaboration with the tobacco industry. It would be a fitting tribute to the legacy of Dr. Ronald Davis.