Tobacco products

The state's new law will prohibit the sale of flavored cigarettes and vaping cartridges but exempts hookah products, loose-leaf pipe tobacco and premium cigars.
The new law has taken effect, raising from 18 the minimum age for such purchases.
E-cigarettes, which are the most common tobacco product among youth, are included in the underage ban.
The senators pointed to a meteoric rise in vaping among teenagers.
The Senate majority leader appealed to farmers in his home state to grow more hemp.
Hundreds of cities and counties have banned selling tobacco products to anyone under 21.
"I can't accept that we're just allowing these numbers to trickle down," Lushniak told The Associated Press following the
Rather than hiding, CVS publicly stood up and declared its decision for the world to see. The company should be respected for being transparent. Whether or not they will be rewarded for the decision remains to be seen.
CVS executives said the company will replace some of lost cigarette sales through smoking cessation programs at its pharmacies