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While it's uncertain whether Akin will run for the Senate again, Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander (D) has already
Former Missouri congressman Todd Akin said Friday that he is a proponent of weeding out "bad ideas" that, in his view, keep
"The legitimate doesn't apply to rape," Akin said. Watch Akin's comments on HuffPost Live above. Akin also shared what he
“Should the child conceived in rape have the same right to life as the child conceived in love?” he said, adding later, "I
Back in August 2012, Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo) infamously told KTVI-TV that "legitimate rape" victims rarely get pregnant. Akin
President Obama commendably convened a task force to address the rampant rape and sexual assault incidents that are "an affront to our basic decency and humanity." Herewith from my 20 years in advocacy for women and children are my suggestions for the council.
California Republican Celeste Greig has been ousted from her post as president of the state's Republican Assembly in the
Immediate backlash ensued, with Republicans urging Akin to drop out of the Senate race. But he chose to stay in, vowing in
Celeste Greig leads the California Republican Assembly, which former President Ronald Reagan once called "the conscience
Former Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) took a swipe at Karl Rove's latest venture on Wednesday, blasting the Republican strategist's