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The upcoming movie, “Joker: Folie à Deux," will reportedly be a musical, but there's no word on whether the singer will be playing Harley Quinn.
And, of course, woke Twitter came for the “Hangover” director.
Director Todd Phillips' origins tale shows how a clunky comic found his criminal calling.
Some fans on Twitter raved about the Todd Phillips film starring Joaquin Phoenix. Others were inspired to crack jokes.
The film about the popular pro wrestler will reportedly focus on the early years of "Hulkamania."
Todd Phillips' origin film about Batman's archnemesis puts on a twisted happy face.
The bad boy comes to life in Todd Phillips' origins film.
The stand-alone film about the iconic villain, directed by Todd Phillips, will hit theaters sooner than you might think.
"War Dogs" is a curious breed. The movie is self-consciously anti-war, full of enough cautionaries about greed and profiteering from international conflict to stand as a moral tale.
Brought to you by Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover and its two mangled offspring, War Dogs stars Jonah Hill (in what could either be an ill-advised buy-in or half-hearted middle finger to his new status as a "serious" actor) and Miles Teller as two young gunrunning guns out to make a quick buck off the War on Terror.