todd ray

"The right head seems to control the body more, but the left one is very tough. It thinks it's running things."
"I call him Toby-One Kenobi, but also Toby Two-Nose -- that sounds like a gangster name"
"There is someone for everyone. It is just knowing when you find them."
"I don't want to call it an alien, but it's definitely alien in form."
The snake is worth an estimated $50,000.
"I know I get people staring at me," Heslip told HuffPost. "But I live in Arizona. If I wear long sleeves, I'll pass out
Besides feeding them and keeping them healthy comes the struggle of coming up with appropriate names for the heads of each
"Why are you being so judgmental? You haven't even seen it, and you didn't even listen to what they have to say. How can
Yeah, it's pretty incredible and incredibly gross. "Freakshow" airs on Wednesday. Think twice about watching this video if
In this clip from Freakshow, Morgue performs a regurgitation stunt that can only be described as disgusting