Todd Starnes

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists is returning the $16,666 in sponsorship money Fox News gave for the Excellence in Journalism conference.
The morning show dedicated an entire segment to the country singer's use of a swear word while speaking out about gun violence at Lollapalooza.
He also missed a big part of the latest edition of the comic.
Jindal also believes that Betsy DeVos has proven she is dedicated to improving the education system because she has "spent
Conservatives often claim that any news that doesn't support their narrative is "fake news" yet many of these same people
Might I recommend that Mr. Crews read a little book published about a decade ago titled America's White Table, which accurately
Before Bundy's sudden fall, Fox News touted him and his anarchic militia supporters as symbols of American resistance. Keep that in mind next time a Fox talker denounces Black Lives Matter as lawless.
Christian persecution has become a new religion for many. These people take it on faith that a war on Christianity is being waged in America. The reality is, the only war being waged right now is one to define the religious freedoms afforded to Americans by the Constitution.
It is well beyond time that the lgbt community recognize and call out this ridiculous Kim Davis drama for what it is - merely a sideshow to cover up the fact that the overall case against marriage equality was nothing more than a pitiful delusion.
Liberals have spent a lot of time over the past few decades trying to explain to Conservative Christians the importance of the separation of church and state. Unfortunately, either from obstinance or ignorance, many Christians believe that not only should this constitutionally mandated separation not exist but that it is an attack on Christianity.
If the solution for preventing gun deaths results in more gun deaths, is it really a solution?
He gives the fast food franchise props in a fiery rant against same-sex marriage.
Given the amount of time Fox News spends peddling claims of Christian persecution, you might expect them to have a better understanding of the subject.
"What separates us from ISIS? Because that's what they do, they go around and tear down history in those nations that they've
The reality is that there are few if any places in the world where it is better to be Christian than the U.S., so pretending that being forced to abide by the constitution is somehow a "war" comes off a lot like the spoiled rich kid whose parents won't upgrade the radio on the new BMW I8 they are buying for his birthday. It just makes you look uninformed, selfish and silly.
The anti-gay right seem to be painting a portrait of victimhood in anticipation of further progress by the LGBT community and the goal is most likely to stop this progress. But I have one question. How in the hell can anyone forget how we got to this point?
If non-Christians should be tolerant of Christian symbols and references in public spaces then why shouldn't Christian's be tolerant of public spaces being void of all religious paraphernalia. After all who does it hurt if the areas owned by everyone are free from all religious trappings?
And, as expected, Fox News has chimed in, with its leading MRFF attacker Todd Starnes once again calling MRFF an atheist