Seven-week-old Toffee fell into a fissure in a backyard in Huntsville, Alabama.
I added peanut butter into the toffee mixture. After baking, I topped this toffee with a white chocolate and peanut butter layer. Seriously. I amaze myself sometimes. If you have a peanut butter lover in your life, give this peanut butter cracker toffee recipe a try today!
Brown sugar, pecans, chocolate, and butter are simple ingredients but when combined, heated, and transformed into candy, they have the power to turn me to the dark side. I am helpless to fight the seduction of toffee.
You'll find that with a jar of matzo toffee on the table, it disappears more quickly than you would have imagined.
This impressive mocha toffee crunch cake is easy to make and will surely be the star of your holiday dessert table.
This crunchy confection is getting a long overdue update.
Watch out, brownies! There's a new kid in town.
If there'e one sweet treat you make for Passover this year, let it be this chocolate toffee bark.
If I had to write tips on how to make successful bark, I think I'd advise: 1) add crunch 2) add salt 3) use a variety of textures. I'm currently making use of these "guidelines" to improvise some new flavors of my old go-to.