Even if you're not a vegetarian, we might all be eating fake meat by 2050.
PETA has taken other steps the fight the killing of turkeys during the holiday season. They recently released an ad reading
If you're grateful for the natural world this Thanksgiving, you're likely to appreciate these tips, which aim to help you preserve the planet while planning your holiday festivities.
We heartily applaud any effort to green your diet. But beware: looks can be misleading. While organic is much better for
Watch the process here: According to Time, after more than a decade, they have created: Though this represents a breakthrough
Tofurky is made from organic tofu, vital wheat gluten, expeller pressed non-GMO canola oil and a secret blend of herbs and
When it was time to carve the bird, everyone in my family came together and partook of the ritual. So imagine the push back I got when I went vegetarian, and then vegan. It wasn't pretty.