Mekinda Mekinda Jr. and Marie-Louise Ocran. Photo: Mamadou Dabo. U.N. Ambassador of Timor-Leste Maria Helena Lopes de Jesus
When a Unitarian Universalist Church needed a temporary space when they were having construction lags, The Islamic Center of East Lansing opened its doors and offered them a space for free.
It’s a fuller life when we have other people in it. It’s a healthier and longer one, too. Have you ever noticed how much
Symptoms show up that make us aware that there is something in our lives that requires attention. We may become irritable, impatient, depressed, agitated, physically ill, anxious, or develop any number of other symptoms.
I have selected 60 excerpts from poems infused with the mystic wisdom of two greatly gifted poets, Persian Jalal al-Din Rumi and Lebanese Khalil Gibran.
The great new comedies that feature talking animals and endearing narcissists -- and sometimes both.
Because isn't that what tragedy tends to do? It forces us to be extra sensitive to others, extra compassionate towards others
Well, now that I've laid the ground work, I'll tell you my story. What about partners who have lived together or been married
A significant yet under-researched area in intercultural business communication is the impact of our emotions on our business partners.
This story is included in Tricia McCallum's first book of poetry: Nothing Gold Can Stay: A Mother and Father Remembered .
I must strive to move beyond my fears, and experience life with open eyes, an open heart and an open mind. I am limited by my unwillingness to embrace the people who have intimate knowledge of the parts of me I have yet to discover; I have yet to embrace.
I haven't said much about "Looking" yet, though it may be my favorite of the three Sunday shows. "Looking" is so self-effacing
Hollywood Relief: "Kevin" What do you think it is about you that makes people say that? I don't know what it is. I can tell
The 20 Best TV Moments of 2014 Circa 1985, eight-year-old Mark and 12-year-old Jay would station themselves in front of the
Smartphone abuse is not only rude, it's dangerous. This is decidedly addictive behavior. And like all addictions, the addict is not the only victim. Smartphones create a terribly discourteous, antisocial, particularly uncivil environment in public spaces. Look around. Someone might need your help and you might want to offer it.
During my career as a "Hollywood photographer" I have been blessed to meet many amazing people of great accomplishment, who have achieved fame through talent, dedication and spirit.
Most people think of a legacy primarily as money or property. Many recipients no doubt prefer that aspect of what they get