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The realistic replica gun was designed to spin paper instead of bullets.
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Tanya Heath uses humor and "science" to wrangle the massive lines of people caught between having to pee and missing a single moment of the hit musical.
“The farther you get from the act of defecation, and urination next, the more OK it becomes. When you start the sink business, you start to be a little more open."
The "Dukes of Hazzard" star is a potty boss in funny photo.
People are dying worldwide because they lack something most in developed countries take completely for granted.
Monstrous amounts of fat and trash are blocking sewers around the world.
This will make you want to work from home forever.
Weird News
The president's foot had an unexpected hitchhiker.
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The correct way to hang toilet paper is apparently with the loose end flapping over the top.
Nobody actually knows what method — or age — is best.
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There are more hidden storage spaces than you think
Becoming a diapering pro requires a solid division of labor and a solid process that ends with clean skin and plenty of baby
A new bill will require all public restrooms in New York City to have diaper changing tables.
On the way to the hospital one year ago, breathtaking labor pains occupied my body while the anticipation of meeting my final