The "All About That Bass" singer gave Jimmy Fallon and his late night viewers a look-see at her now-infamous dual potties with husband Daryl Sabara.
"We pee at the same time a lot," the "All About That Bass" singer explained in a TMI-filled podcast interview.
It was designed for comfortable sitting, with a deep septic tank dug underneath.
Microwave cleaners, stain removers, pet hair rollers and more cleaning tools that'll get your home sparkling in little time.
The 65-year-old victim discovered the snake after feeling "a 'nip' in the genital area."
The court's refusal to hear a Virginia school board's appeal was hailed as an incredible victory for LGBTQ students across the country.
The Supreme Court has declined to hear a case about bathrooms for transgender students.
Bathroom trailers costing $8,500 per month are being rented in Bedminster, New Jersey, where Trump is staying for the summer.
From removing tough toilet stains to cleaning your oven trays in the bath, these will keep you busy.