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Weird News
This crappy promotion can found in bathrooms at the San Diego Comic-Con.
Weird News
For more creations, check out "Super Fan Builds," the show that orchestrated the stunt. Everything was made from scratch
We arrived at the public bathroom. In English and French, it explained that one must go inside and lock the door. Once inside the space-age toilet-capsule, one does one's business. Then the sink, with assembly-line efficiency, squirts soap onto outstretched hands, then water, then warm air for drying.
Weird News
Only me. I am the only one. There are no others for whom this kind of shit happens (pun intended). I am certain of it.
Weird News
What a crappy morning. And in January, a suspect dubbed the "Bathroom Bandit" is believed to have stolen around $30,000 worth
Public restrooms are a necessary evil. No wants to have to use them, but we all feel more comfortable knowing they're there
Hello there. How are you? Good? Good. I’m good too. Why? Because: I just got engaged. My man got down on bended knee, and
There's nothing worse than crappy humor. It just tanks, and you want them to just put a lid on it. But wipe that frown off
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The second strayed into different plotlines, like Milo going too far on his first feature, and Neal having to make cuts at
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