Tokyo 2021

"And this is just training??? Bring on the real thing," one fan tweeted about the gymnastics great.
Team USA Olympian Gwen Berry lost her sponsors after raising a fist on the podium in 2019. She recounts what happened next and why it’s so important for athletes to take a stand.
Mary Carillo's hilarious monologue during Athens 2004 is one for the history books.
The emoji dedicated to the champion U.S. gymnast will pop up throughout the Tokyo Olympics.
The "Tonight Show" host asked viewers to #DescribeASportBadly and they did not disappoint.
Six athletes returned to Poland before the games even began and demanded the Polish Swimming Federation board's resignation.
“There is no zero risk in life," said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
Too short? Or not short enough? The incidents highlight the confusing and often sexist clothing demands faced by female athletes.
“In my head, it’s going to be like a really cool jail. Like you’re going to be super excited, but you’re still in jail,” said U.S. archer Brady Ellison.
The Las Vegas Aces center and two-time Olympian said she was worried about life inside the so-called bubble at the Tokyo Games.