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"I knew those chairs were gonna be trouble," host Tom Bergeron said after the popular judge took a backward tumble.
Tom Bergeron wouldn't have picked the former White House shill, but what's done is done, he said.
We've all been there. Whether something big or small, whether something important or relatively insignificant, there are things we attempt that rattle us. Maybe they rattle us so much that we don't try again. Maybe just the thought of trying is so rattling that we don't even start.
The TV host's mother died just four months after his father.
As for his own reality guilty pleasure, Jackson said, "I'd be the last guy to watch a singing show," but admitted that he
Silver fox and "Dancing with the Stars" host Tom Bergeron makes aging gracefully look easy. "I actually feel, in a lot of
Tom Bergeron On What Keeps Him Fit
I am nobody. I promise. But I talk to lots of somebodies in my job as a celebrity freelance journalist. A-List Hollywood celebs can sometimes get cranky and be self-absorbed, but there are those A-listers who need to be called out for being just plain wonderful. Here are 11 of them.
In addition to the producers' changes, Chmerkovskiy reflected on how the show has changed as a whole. "This season was in
I actually feel, in a lot of ways, that I'm in better shape than I was when I was 30. This isn't what I thought 57 would feel like. I thought I'd feel a little bit like a cooling ember. I don't feel that way at all.
During his speech Bergeron referenced White and her industry dominance -- especially in their martial arts class. This is
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