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Brokaw later said he felt "terrible a part of my comments on Hispanics offended some members of that proud culture."
“Not all harassers are cartoonish bogeymen who mistreat every woman in their path,” the former NBC anchor wrote.
The public defense of NBC's Tom Brokaw derails a much-needed conversation about sexual harassment and sends a dangerous message to employees.
Some of Tom Brokaw’s female colleagues signed a letter defending the news anchor amid sexual harassment allegations.
Some of Tom Brokaw’s female colleagues are signing a letter defending the news anchor as he faces allegations of sexual harassment.
A former NBC News war correspondent is among those accusing the longtime anchor.
The network is "in a war" trying to shield the president from the Russia probe, the broadcast veteran says.
Studio acoustics and a bad hearing aid were to blame, Brokaw said.
I can't stomach another battle of ideologies that ends in stagnation once we're feeling desensitized again. But I'd like to get to know the people who disagree with me better. Of all my beliefs, and believe me, I've got 'em, this one feels the most pressing, the most promising and the most likely to inspire change.
Her guest list of who she desired attend was as politically and spiritually diverse as our nation. The all-encompassing array of people present illustrated the mutual respect and admiration held for the graceful First Lady, Mrs. Ronald Reagan.
"I'm in a roomful of people I know," Rita Wilson began her intimate set at the Café Carlyle on Thursday. Though this was not opening night, the room took on an extra glow: On one side sat Michael J. Fox, on the other, Tom Brokaw, Carolina Herrera, and Ken Auletta.
That Spotlight won Best Feature at the Gotham Awards last night was not a surprise.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie opened up about how Angelina’s health has affected their marriage.
On the third floor of the townhouse that is "21," Tom Brokaw interviewed Jimmy Chin and Chai Vasarhelyi, the star and filmmakers of the documentary Meru at a special lunch celebrating the film's success.
The made-up email 'scandal' has given the media plenty to talk about and Hillary definitely made mistakes handling it. Even her most ardent supporters wish she had laid out the entire issue clearly from the start.
Tom Brokaw revealed some more personal details about his battle with cancer Monday morning, concluding that it has ultimately
But Brokaw denied any bad blood between him and Williams at an event at the University of Chicago on Monday, saying his relationship