Tom Cole

ACORN disbanded years ago, but Republicans are nevertheless targeting the defunct group in their spending bill.
The AR-15 is able and likely to inflict catastrophic damage upon human beings. It is, by definition, “dangerous.”
Multiple GOP lawmakers said they've thought about attacking reporters themselves from time to time.
Rep. Tom Cole says opposition is great, but Republicans also need to accomplish something beyond killing bills.
An increasing number of moderates are breaking with the president and party leadership over the bill.
Rep. Lou Barletta, a member of Trump’s transition team, tried to stall the House speaker’s re-election.
But most still don't see the mosquito-borne virus as a crisis.
The party of Cruz and Trump seems overjoyed that Democrats have a challenger, too.
The hardline conservative caucus, which has endorsed another House member, isn't ruling out Paul Ryan.
"If they go out and fund Planned Parenthood, I think that could risk at least one guy's job as speaker."
Rose says the commission's holistic approach to the range of issues affecting Native children can bring lawmakers together