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The Cook County Sheriff's Office says the men were wearing "highly-insulated jumpsuits" and took warming breaks Monday while temperatures were above freezing.
A group in Chicago is working to extend the franchise to people detained in jail, many of whom have no idea they can vote.
"I miss you guys," Obama said during an address in the Illinois statehouse on the anniversary of his Presidential campaign announcement. He returned to his frequent theme of bringing civility and compromise to politics.
"It’s the more marginalized and poorer workers who are hit hardest by this."
Trafficking and prostitution will always exist in some form, even the most ardent abolitionist would not suggest otherwise. But we can't simply stand by and allow traffickers to continue profiting from within the darker recesses of the internet.
With Illinois' new concealed carry law set to take effect next month, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is once again taking aim
Last year, Dart started selling the produce at local farmer's markets, with proceeds going back to the county. Dart said
Dart's proposed ordinance would exclude Cook County once the state-wide ban on concealed carry is lifted but would take effect
"How are people going to explain away the fact that a horrific event occurred, and it turns out this person had diagnosed
The post calls for a "swarm" of the NATO summit in Chicago as part of the "May 2012 insurrection … thirty-one magical days