tom daschle

A bipartisan coalition will work to reverse what one said was "destroying us from the inside."
One day after the Supreme Court's ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act, an Aspen Ideas Festival Spotlight Health panel of former politicians and administration officials agreed that a lot more work lies ahead -- in terms of further implementation, improving health care quality and especially the politics.
Daschle is not alone in practicing this kind of shadow lobbying. In recent years, scores of former lawmakers have accepted
On paper, the lobbying industry is quickly disappearing. In January, records indicated that for a third straight year, overall
D.C. Centrism embraces what the political establishment, especially including the big special interests who tend to control this town, thinks is right, even when the vast majority of Americans are opposed to it.
Senators Warren and Brown are making a huge difference, showing us that if we get a real live two-fisted fighter for working families in the ring on our behalf, it matters. That is why I decided to get involved in helping Rick Weiland run in South Dakota.
Who would you trust then, to get the terrorists who killed these four patriotic Americans in Benghazi? The people who got bin Laden or the people who forgot bin Laden?
The former two-term governor of California told me over the summer that he still believes that most things get done through "action in the center" away from the extremes.
David Brooks's remarks predicted much of the reaction to the ruling and what it will mean for the upcoming election.
Leavitt Partners, a consulting firm chaired by former Department of Health and Human Services Secretary and ex-governor of
As part of its ongoing series of chats with influential power players who breakfast at New York's Loews Regency Hotel, The
Faced with multiple crises, many are being forced into homelessness. And homeless women -- who are at the greatest risk of violence and victimization on the streets -- need the most help.
Speculation has focused on Daley, a banker and brother of the outgoing mayor of Chicago. He is the favorite of former chief
When Bush was president, criticism was unpatriotic. Under Obama, dissent is now the highest form of patriotism. That itself is absurd enough, but we have only just begun.
Williams, who pulled off representing two vastly different brands, qualifies as agile and edgy. But he's hardly an anomaly: These days, the idea that a journalist would operate with a single standard of conduct seems as dated as an 8-track tape.
"Time for a reality check. Chris Gibson wants to repeal the health care law. Chris Gibson would let insurance companies go