Tom Davis

The Office of Personnel Management insisted that a congresswoman get a Republican to co-sign her standard request.
They need to show they're doing something -- anything -- or else their voter base may crumble.
Horse slaughter for human consumption is, for the moment, effectively prohibited on U.S. soil. But this prohibition has to be renewed annually in the federal appropriations bill.
These fertility programs work, and the inertia to keep doing things the same old way must end. How many more scandals and reports can this agency endure before it brings fundamental change to this program?
The BLM told us this could never happen, but it did. They told us they'd investigate how this happened, but they didn't. They said it would never happen again; do you trust them? You shouldn't.
What do you call using millions in unregulated campaign funds to sell the American people dog food by telling them it's something else? That is precisely what happened in Denver, as Gov. Romney rebranded his entire platform.
"They are under a lot of pressure in Washington to make numbers,” said a BLM corral manager who did not want his name used
"Also, please email back to let me know if you would like to be invited to events in your area, or if you would like me to
We're not going to have our normal partisan talking points today. We're going to follow the lead set by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and we're just not going to go there today.
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I sat down with Davis, author of mental health memoir "A Legacy of Madness" for a forthright conversation about what it was like to grow up with his mother's undiagnosed mental illness, and what he did to change the course of history in his family.
If you live in a state that has common-sense laws for the issuance of a carry permit, consider that only 35 states require some type of training, certification or time at the firing range to carry a loaded, concealed weapon.
In my book, I captured that moment, the moment my mother finally came home, to Point Pleasant, N.J., to live out the rest of her life. She had bounced around psychiatric hospitals and assisted living facilities for years. Around 9-11, she came home.
I'd imagine that if you lined up me, Fareed Zakaria, Jonathan Rauch, and GOP South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis, you'd probably cover a lot of territory on the political spectrum. But we'd all be against corrupting corporate influence in our politics.
With the increasing chance of Republicans taking control of at least one house of Congress, I hereby invoke Aretha Franklin to deliver a simple message to the voters of America on this important election: Think!
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The Virginia Republican served 14 years in the House of Representatives before retiring from Congress in 2008. A Republican