tom frieden

The ex-NYC health commissioner allegedly forcibly touched a woman inside his residence in 2017.
Tom Frieden also hopes to increase global epidemic preparedness.
The Gates Foundation says responding to deadly outbreaks isn't its forte. But the Ebola crisis showed just how much global public health depends on the foundation.
Over 40 Americans die every day from overdoses of prescribed opiates.
The leading infectious killer in the world has been around for centuries. When will the world eliminate tuberculosis?
Heroin and prescription painkillers drive the overdose epidemic, the CDC finds.
Over 1.5 million people now die from tuberculosis a year, pushing it past AIDS.
There are three important things Hispanics can do to improve their health by addressing the leading causes of illness (cancer and heart disease) and those which disproportionately affect Hispanics (obesity, diabetes and heart disease).
As a country, Haiti has faced and continues to face enormous difficulties, but it has also proven remarkably resilient.
Speed is paramount in our response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa as we continue to be vigilant in the fight to extinguish Ebola. The faster we get to communities with suspected cases, the faster we protect the people there.
Rapid Isolation and Treatment of Ebola (RITE) teams in Liberia are slowing the epidemic, and CDC is working closely with governments and partners in Guinea and Sierra Leone to adopt similar rapid response strategies.