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It’s part of a “lifelong crusade against racism,” Tom Horne testified Tuesday.
The NAACP and a civil rights group representing Asian-American women will argue before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Wednesday that an Arizona law banning race- and sex-selective abortions illegally discriminates against ethnic minorities.
The law prohibits doctors from performing race-selective or sex-selective abortions.
Supporting a policy that has strong, majority support not only from Latinos or Asians but Americans overall isn't pandering to anyone. It's called democracy.
Arizona was seeking an estimated $3 billion from GM, the New York Times reported. (Reuters) - Arizona State filed a lawsuit
Brnovich is an immigration hardliner who opposes “amnesty” and said on the campaign trail that he’d support outgoing Gov
In her defense of the state’s controversial 2010 immigration enforcement law, SB 1070, Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has repeatedly
Kansas and Arizona are suing the U.S. Election Assistance Commission after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling said Arizona could
As the battle over same sex marriage continues, Bisbee residents are fighting for city council to pass a resolution that will officially recognize civil unions, becoming the first city in Arizona to do so.
But there was also some resistance. Within 12 hours of the ordinance passing, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne raised concerns
Since the Newtown school shooting in Connecticut, state and local officials have proposed arming teachers and other school
While the long journey for equality in Tucson's schools has taken a leap forward, questions still abound over what the judicial decision means for the indisputably successful Mexican American Studies curriculum.
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne released a plan Wednesday to deal with school safety in the wake of the Newtown, Conn
While fumbling Tucson school officials await the fate of the outlawed Mexican American Studies in a federal court desegregation order, the prestigious Prescott College announced it will grant college-level credit for a banned Chicano/a Literature course.
2013 will be the year the Mexican American Studies program returns to Tucson for good, as long as the federal courts continue to bring some sanity back to students in Arizona.
But a Montgomery spokesman, Jerry Cobb, later said that Horne and Winn could be held liable, along with their campaigns, with
I caught up with Miguel Ortega, a long-time education activist in Tucson, for an interview on the upcoming event, and a look at his own involvement.
Masto sued Bank of America last year and accused it of violating an earlier agreement meant to resolve mortgage-related claims