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It’s part of a “lifelong crusade against racism,” Tom Horne testified Tuesday.
The NAACP and a civil rights group representing Asian-American women will argue before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Wednesday that an Arizona law banning race- and sex-selective abortions illegally discriminates against ethnic minorities.
The law prohibits doctors from performing race-selective or sex-selective abortions.
Supporting a policy that has strong, majority support not only from Latinos or Asians but Americans overall isn't pandering to anyone. It's called democracy.
The case is State of Arizona vs General Motors LLC, Case No. CV2014-014090, the Superior Court of the State of Arizona, County
Brnovich is an immigration hardliner who opposes “amnesty” and said on the campaign trail that he’d support outgoing Gov
In fact, violent crime has dropped in recent years along the U.S.-New Mexico border in Arizona, according to crime statistics
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R), Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett (R) and Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne
As the battle over same sex marriage continues, Bisbee residents are fighting for city council to pass a resolution that will officially recognize civil unions, becoming the first city in Arizona to do so.
Badal also encountered resistance from unexpected places. “I’ve lived in Bisbee all my life,” she says. “And some people