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"It sounds like science fiction," he concedes on the episode. "But [humans are] doing things like gene splicing, so the theory
Colorado rancher Tom Miller doesn't know what is mutlating his livestock.
Talks are fluid and the legal language that would accompany a change is still being sorted out, officials said. Two would
By last fall, Schneiderman had won support for his cause from attorneys general in Delaware, Nevada, Massachusetts and Minnesota
Patti Smith wasn't wrong when she sang that "People have the powe." We do have the power to win a battle or two, even against those guys on Wall Street. We have more power than we realize -- but only if we're willing to use it.
Lately we've been hearing some strong words from the President about Wall Street crime. But when the cameras and lights aren't around, his Administration's been working feverishly to protect bankers from state law enforcement officials.
An organizing organization with strong ties to both Occupy Des Moines and Occupy Iowa chose not to participate in Tuesday's Occupy Our Homes National Day of Action out of frustration with what they called President Obama's habit of "punting on policy" they say would help resolve the financial crisis.
Some of the protesters involved with Occupy Des Moines said they were on hand when Miller said last December that he "would
If the feds under Reagan could prosecute a couple of corrupt high rollers on Wall Street, why can't they do it under Obama?
John O'Brien, Registry of Deeds for Southern Essex County in Massachusetts is asking that Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General, step down. Miller is the lead AG in the controversial settlement with the big banks on mortgage servicing fraud.
States had a cumulative budget deficit of nearly $84 billion in the 2011 fiscal year, according to an April report by the
An audit examining assignments of mortgage recorded in the Essex Southern District Registry of Deeds issued to and from JPMorgan Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America during 2010 found that 75% of assignments of mortgage are invalid.
With the exception of Elizabeth Warren, there are very few heroes fighting for the little guy when it comes to consumer rights and mortgage malpractice.
But the real issue here is how a powerful politician – proudly holding the explicit view that “Washington and the regulators
Federal Foreclosure Settlement Proposal - Feb. 20 Draft - The administration has shifted its focus to delivering lowered
"We each have our own separate responsibilities and areas of jurisdiction, but to the extent possible we are trying to coordinate
The preliminary term sheet is just one part of a comprehensive settlement. Fines will be levied, banks have said, and regulators
This is no time to aim low, argues Lisa Donner, the director of Americans for Financial Reform, a coalition lobbying for
Rumor has it that the 50-state attorneys general investigation into the Fraudclosure scandal is wrapping up. It's time for a backbone check.